A bit about me…

Hi, I’m Leanne Tremblay, author of the HOPAGOG HILL series for middle grade readers. I also write for teens, but always with a twist of the supernatural, magic or adventure. I can’t help it! Whenever I pick up a book, I’m just waiting (and hoping) for something magical or weird to happen.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, which probably explains why I turned out to be a writer in my day job as well. But I never considered writing kids books until I started reading Rick Riordan’s PERCY JACKSON with my own kids. How fun is it to get into an exciting, edge -of-your-seat story, set in a new world with characters that you root for, and then have that world continue on in book after book!

I live near Vancouver, Canada, with my family and writing-buddy dog, Casper.

I’m currently working on the next HOPAGOG HILL book, the BLADE OF FORTUNE, and a YA sci-fi called BLUE TIN. Stay tuned!


I love to hear from readers, so feel free to send me a message: