Hopagog Hill: The Cup of Fate

Never trust a witch…

Hopagog Hill:
The Cup of Fate

A magic cup in the wrong hands. A witch with bullying issues. A choice between saving your friends or saving the world.

 Just when eleven-year-old Cameron Hailes thinks his day can’t get any worse…

… it does.

For one, he gets recruited by a clan of school fairies who need protection from a witch with bullying issues. Then a troll tries to squash his favourite teacher’s vintage Mercedes. AND THEN…Cam makes an unwitting bargain and triggers a string of events that puts him on a mission to save his friends, his school, and maybe even the world. 

Not your normal Thursday for fifth grade.

Turns out Cam is one of the last fairy charmers, special humans who can settle fairy disputes, which actually sounds cool until he learns his next decision could stop — or start a fairy war.

Along with his best friends Alex, Carson and Rani, Cam ventures deep into Hopagog Hill — an ordinary city park concealing a witch’s lair— to rescue a kidnapped fairy. But things don’t go as planned. The four friends find out that a real-life magic cup is missing: the Cup of Fate.

As a charmer, Cam has the power to find the Cup of Fate before it falls into the wrong hands, but it means making a huge sacrifice.

Can Cam make the right choice before it’s too late?

HOPAGOG HILL: THE CUP OF FATE is the first in the Hopagog Hill series. If you like the FABLEHAVEN, THE STORY THIEVES, (or if you suspect that there’s more to your school than meets the eye), this book is for you. 


The adventure awaits!

And you can get a taste of the action…

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