Why I Need Tea

Morrocan mint tea

Lately I’ve been obsessing over photos of tea. Teapots and teacups. Tea in mugs. Loose tea in antique silver bowls.

I don’t get anything from cups of coffee. Latte’s with pretty pictures in the foam? Nothing. Not interested.

The reason is simple enough. I don’t like coffee. I don’t drink it. Tea, I drink several times a day. I love black, green and herbal varieties. I love the smell of chai, the look of vintage tea pots, and pictures of misty tea plantations. My favorite thing in the afternoon is a hot cup of herbal with a cookie.

Our brains constantly connect what we see with what we already know.

What I know is this: the characters in my novels read tea leaves not coffee grounds. When the outlook is grim, the local wizard boils water for tea. The outcast warrior drinks weak tea on recovering from a fever and a girl on a quest drinks bitter tea to bring on the Sight.

What about sweet tea with honey or blackberry tea? Why do your characters need it?

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