How they got there…I wanna know!

I’m always interested in reading about a writer’s  process, especially someone whose novels I admire. How did they come up with the idea? How long did it take to write? How many drafts? How long to sell it? Deep down I think I really want to know that published authors all go through the same this-manuscript-really-sucks phase and possibly-this-is-the-worst-thing-I’ve-ever-written moment just like I do.

Today I read a post (an old one actually) by Laini Taylor, author of much buzzed about YA book DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE. She talks about the process that brought about the book. It’s a lovely tale about allowing books that need to be written. Laini has moved shop now and can be found on her new blog here

Another post I read recently comes from the wonderful Holly Black. In it, she details how she wrote BLACK HEART, detailing her daily word counts over the course of six months or so. Read it!

Any ‘road to publication’ posts out there that you find inspiring? Let me know!

Getting Back on Track

It’s ironic that the previous post to this one is on  procrastination. If you note the date, you can see it has been months since I posted anything. Oh, I kept on telling myself I’d get to it, but then never would. However, this week I read a post by Shannon Whitney Messenger (prolific blogger and MG writer) on how she started her blog for the sole reason of connecting with other writers. She didn’t have critique partners at that time or a group of supportive writing pals.

“All I wanted was to meet other writers. Learn from them. Follow their journey. Hopefully make a few friends.”

When I read that, I thought, wow, that pretty much sums up my goals too. Writing can be so isolating and I’ve really felt it of late. I’ve got some great critique partners and have dabbled in twitter a little, but I think I was waiting for something really awesome to say before I posted anything. Well forget that. New Plan.

I’m turning the page as it were and diving right in, hoping to do the same as the intrepid Shannon. If she ever reads this, I hope she knows she gave me the bump in the backside I needed.

Words of Wisdom from Lillith Saintcrow – Back off the Hard Sell

That, and “Go Soak Your Head”

The always wise Richelle Mead tweated this post by Lillith St. Crow and I think its got some great advice for new authors promoting their work, and some rules for BEHAVING at cons.

Some of the highlights:

  • Try to be just as interested in other people as you are in yourself.
  • If you don’t have a valid question while you’re in a panel audience, keep your trap shut.
  • Do not get drunk with fellow authors
  • Take a deep breath. Back away from the pitch and go soak your head.

Read it all here!

Let me introduce you to, Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays by Shannon Messenger

I know this isn’t Monday (it’s Tuesday), BUT I wanted to give all you middle grade authors out there a link to a great blog. Shannon Whitney Messenger is a middle grade writer and one of the squealy co-founders of the awesome online writing conference, WriteOnCon (more on that in a later post). Every Monday she gives a roundup of some great middle grade books.

Definitely worth a bookmark or two!